About Me

Greetings fellow foodies!

My name is Andrea and I decided to start this blog as an outlet for my horrible addiction to food. It’s so uncontrollable that rather than surrender myself to unwholesome indulgence, I’ve had to come up with healthy alternatives to all of those comfort foods I crave. Among others, one method I use is substituting stevia, honey or maple syrup for sugar wherever possible; and whole wheat, oat or spelt flour for the white stuff – justifying indulgence in any way I can 🙂

Outside of eating, cooking and grocery shopping, my life involves being a 26-year old; coordinating commercial real estate development; barefoot running in my New Balance Minimus Zeros ; biking on my Globe Roll 1 single speed; yoga at Noorish and Moksha; downhill skiing; hiking since the snow’s melted; reading; green tea, instagram; loving and being loved. And because I’m a tad lazy here’s a little blurb I put up on my Facebook profile a few years ago that still holds true:

“I am an extremist. I love dancing and drink tea. I’m terribly impatient. I get the worst hangovers no matter how much I drink. The sun makes me sneeze. I can’t go to bed without snacking. Beer and oysters are my favorite combo. I use the word ‘stoked’ more than any other person I know. I’m heartless, yet a hopeless romantic. A Time to Kill was the only movie to make me cry. I once shot a squirrel out of a tree. I’ve broken a girl’s nose before… we were sock wrestling. Cribbage is my favorite game in the whole world. I insist on telling my brother everything, even when it creeps him out. I think lobster is overrated. I almost died in the Arctic. I’m really good at card games. I cannot drive without speeding. I couldn’t understand a poem to save my life. Guilty pleasure: TLC wedding shows.”

Hope that gives you an idea of what I’m about 🙂

Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you enjoy!

instagram: drewheat

3 responses

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog recently and for “liking” one of my posts. You have a great blog idea here and you are doing a wonderful job with it. I just started using stevia as sugar replacement (as of last Thursday). I started using whole wheat bread instead of white a few years ago. I understand where you are coming from and look forward to getting all kinds of great healthy food ideas from you in the future. Thank you for what you are doing! ~Steve

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